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We manufacture customized leather products and make nice branded packages.

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What we do in B2B?

Corporate gifts

We are happy to supply you with the customized leather goods from our B2C catalogue. And we can produce something completely new for you. Let us don’t limit our imagination :)

Welcome pack for employees

We can help you with growing your offline corporate environment. Wish that the gift will fit your company whole ecosystem? Let's discuss how we can do it!


Sometimes the gift is only a part of a bigger idea. We design and produce the right package to tell any story.

Why working with us is easy?

Flexible payment terms

We are ready to work with partial post-payment. We can also split the project budget into several invoices for each type of work accordingly. We work with transparent contracts and are ready to use your template :)

Creative approach

If you want to make something really outstanding, we can expand the boundaries of the classic leather manufacturer far to the creative studio SOW: conduct internal research, create mood-boards and concepts and perform some drama. Stoneguard was found by guys from IT, marketing and creative agencies :)

Intellectual property

If your order is something about the unique idea and design - we will never offer it to anyone else. We are also ok with signing your NDA.

Client's quality control

We hate surprises when it comes to manufacturing. We show the materials and manufacture the pilot prototype before you approve the manufacturing of the whole order.

Show high quality in-time

To this day (1 October 2020) we have completed 23 big and small B2B orders.

When we work with B2B orders (honestly, same with B2C catalogue) we are in a manic struggle for quality and rejecting any flaw. And we have never let our client down with it.

By the way. We don't have classic operators and managers. When you talk to us, you talk to one of the co-founders.

How we work at your order

1. Deep dive into the request

You can formulate it very concrete: "We need 100 black leather sleeves with logo for Dell Inspiron 7000".

Or, you can speculate on the values you need to ensure: "We need more soft touches on our employees desks. This should match our brand book, but we also need something fresh and new".

Any type or request will work :)

2. Set the plan

We calculate the order. Share samples of materials and approve the vision.

For us, as the manufacturer, it is very important that the project is 100% transparent and clear. That is why we discuss all the details beforehand and work with clear timings and expectations.

3. Sign the contract and launch

That's it. You will not need to be engaged further, unless you want to.

We will keep you posted on every milestone.

4. Ready!

Some projects are difficult and come along with lots of details and limitations. That's ok. We can offer flexible and right way to cooperate with both start-ups and big old corporations. Let's talk!

Let's talk!

Some of the cases

Why don't we place logos of our clients here?
That's simple. We don't believe that the history told in logos can really tell something. We prefer to show particular products and projects. That's why here we share few stories. Those, that we feel are the most interesting and engaging.

This guys are real monsters of Russian data-driven analytics. Celebrating new bright milestone that the company has just reached, Calltouch asked us for customized holders for headphones, wires and all sorts of staff like that.

We did not have the room to fail (just like always). We deep-dived into the corporate brand books and visual directions to come up with the full 3D visualization of the future project before any manufacturing. Not only the holder: we also designed and presented the package.

As a result, the final product was 100% meeting the expectations and 100% bringing joy to ourselves.


The rock-n-roll IT company several times ordered unique design leather sleeves from Stoneguard.

Their brand exists in black-red color spectrum and we took it as a challenge to supply our manufacture with red-colored natural felt. Just take a look at how gorgeous it fits the classic black leather!

Sometimes we even think that this project is some kind of Stoneguard B2B manifesto: to produce handy and high-quality products that reveals the soul of the customer's brand.

We hope you will agree, that what we've done is standing out against numerous business accessories, still maintaining proper "tone of voice".

Mad Way Rally

Exclusively for the cyber-punk thrilling event we've made cyber-punk belts.

This is a very special rally: all autos are designed in the style of Mad Max movie. Within very stressed deadlines we produced unique belts with casted metal buckles: brutal and reliable. Good enough for the Mad Max world as well as for everyday usage.

Package was also on us: crafted paper with unique design and jute bags. No doubt that this belt can be worn with proud on the Fury Road!

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